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Kirjoittaja KrolPolski
29 Tammi 2023, 19:11
Keskustelualue: Helsinki Lodge
Aihe: Pathfinder (2nd edition) at Oodi! (2.4)
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Re: Pathfinder at Oodi!

I will be there on 19.2. I assume pregenerated characters will be provided?
Kirjoittaja KrolPolski
11 Heinä 2022, 10:53
Keskustelualue: Helsinki Lodge
Aihe: Opinions Wanted: Helsinki Scenario Scheduling and In-Person Games
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Re: Opinions Wanted: Helsinki Scenario Scheduling and In-Person Games

- Do you want to play in-person only, online only, or both? In-person only. I spend so much time on Zoom for work I can't relax that way. - When would you want to play in-person? What would work best for you, and what could you make work? M-W, F or Sunday evenings could work well for me. Saturdays a...
Kirjoittaja KrolPolski
29 Kesä 2022, 13:10
Keskustelualue: Helsinki Lodge
Aihe: 2E Beginner Box 23.7 Both floors - Vantaa
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Re: 2E Beginner Box Level 1 - July - Level 2- July

I could make it Sunday 10.7 After 4 pm. or 17.7 after 4 pm.

Evening of 22.7, anytime 23.7 and after 4 pm 24.7.

Up for meeting up wherever, but I also have a spacious common room I can reserve at my apartment block in Arabia (In Helsinki).