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SFS RSP GM booniteksti

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tässä siis Starfinder Society Regional Support Programin GM Reward-boonin sisältö:

6 rastia --> Tier 3
12 rastia --> Tier 2
24 rastia --> Tier 1

kaikesta muusta saa yhden rastin, mutta AP:sta saa 3 rastia per kirja riippumatta siitä, hostiiko SFS vai Campaign-modessa

Tier 1 saavuttaminen ei liene realistista ilman AP:n hostimista, mutta Tier 3 ja Tier 2 ovat IMO saavutettavissa helmikuuhun mennessä varsinkin, jos hostii tiistain ulkopuolisia julkisia koti-SFS pelejä.
▫ ▫ ▫ Society Renown (Tier 3; Slotless Boon, Limited Use): You have developed a growing reputation within the
Starfnder Society as an agent dedicated to furthering the Society’s agenda. Your tireless efforts garner you a small pool
of social credit, with which you can call upon extra resources in future missions. At the beginning of a scenario, prior to
slotting boons, you can check one of the boxes on this boon. Doing so lets you call upon your status within the Starfnder
Society as a dedicated and renowned feld, granting you one extra boon slot. This boon slot can be of any type, except
Personal. You can slot any boon into this slot, as long as it matches the associated boon type. This extra boon slot persists
until the end of the scenario, even allowing you to use this temporarily slotted boon in conjunction with Downtime. When
you check the last box, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet

Legacy Heritage (Tier 2; Personal Boon): You belong to a species with a legacy that stretches into the long and obscured
past of the Golarion system. You may play a character of an uncommon race—either a dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc,
or halfng (Starfnder Core Rulebook 506–511)—beginning at level 1 as normal. Other than access to this additional race, all
character creation rules are the same as those outlined in the Starfnder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. This Chronicle sheet
must be the frst Chronicle sheet for the given character, and you must bring a copy of one of the rulebooks listed below to
all sessions in which you play this character as if access to this race selection were granted by the Additional Resources list

Legacy Leader (Tier 1): You may record another person’s player name and player number in the space below, make a single
copy of this Chronicle sheet, and give it to that player. That player also gains the Legacy Heritage boon, allowing him or her to
play a legacy race character. This copy can only be used by that player and cannot be traded.
Player Name: ___________________________________ Starfnder Society Number: _________________
Pathfinder Society Venture-Captain
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