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2e Blakros Deception tai Frosty Mug(5-8) Su 13.12 klo 14/16?

Lähetetty: 19 Marras 2020, 11:20
Kirjoittaja MaskedGuy
Tänä keskiviikkona tuli kaks 5-8 2e skenua, niin vedän sen ekana mikä kiinnostaa pelaajia enemmän :p Jos ei tuu tarpeeksi pelaajia viikkoa ennen peliä, niin siirrän rekryn warhorniin ja päätän kumpaa vedän.

The Blakros Deception:
Nigel Aldain has had a long and turbulent history with the Pathfinder Society, largely tied to his role as the curator of the Blakros Museum. Recent events have led the Blakros family to begin to doubt Nigel's fitness for the role, and the Pathfinders have been hired as an independent consultant to investigate Nigel directly. As the tangled threads of hidden plots begin to unravel, the PCs will have to determine who is truly a friend, and who is a foe in friendly guise.

Frosty Mug:
In the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Pathfinders and Ulfen rulers grow concerned about the lack of information coming across the border from Irrisen. A team of Pathfinders is sent to scout a hidden pass into Irrisen and see what they can find out, but they find more than they could have possibly anticipated. With Russian soldiers displaced across worlds and cunning winter witches grasping for power, will the PCs get to raise a frosty mug with new friends, or find themselves in the icy grasp of powerful enemies?

Kummatkin hyvin kiinnostavia skenuja eri tavoilla ;D


Re: 2e Blakros Deception tai Frosty Mug(5-8) Su 13.12 klo 14/16?

Lähetetty: 21 Marras 2020, 08:13
Kirjoittaja CrimsonClaw
Kummatkin tosiaan kiintoisia. Spruce (lvl 8 Druidi) ainakin varattuna tulemaan kumpaankin kunhan peluutetaan. :D