SFS #3-06: Rise of the Vault Lord (tier 7-10) Su 7.3 klo 14

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SFS #3-06: Rise of the Vault Lord (tier 7-10) Su 7.3 klo 14

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During a routine investigation on the false moon of Salvation's End, the PCs encounter an emissary from the vault's mysterious guiding intelligence. Directed to stop an ongoing invasion of another vault, the PCs find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict that could determine the fate of the false moon. Only through the PCs' actions can the machinations of the mysterious Vault Lord be halted.

Welp päätin mennä jo valmiiksi warhorn rekryllä koska korkeen tason starfinder skenuihin ollu hankala löytää pelaajia :'D

https://warhorn.net/events/jjls-roll20- ... 154a4f1f4c

Mustaparta (Kabozkan level 10 operative)