[Foundry] Flames of Rebellion. Friday 12.8 17:00 (Proposed Day)

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[Foundry] Flames of Rebellion. Friday 12.8 17:00 (Proposed Day)

Viesti Kirjoittaja CrimsonClaw »

So I'm splitting previous post in two, to make things simpler. And since "Flames of Rebellion" had most interested, that's what is on the plate. :D

#1-11 Flames of Rebellion:
Following the trail of one of the first Pathfinders, the PCs travel to the town of Sauerton where an old ally helps them find important clues. These clues lead the PCs into a dangerous wilderness to an old tower whose history goes back even farther than the Pathfinder Society itself. As the PCs navigate numerous threats with opposing interests, will they find the hidden keys to unlock the secrets of the Open Road Pact, or just another trail obscured by the passage of centuries?

Scenario tags: None
I propose date on the header, just to bet some date to rally around. But if needed, game can be moved on to another day

Players interested scenario (Those interested from previous post in parentheses until affirmed)

- TuplaV
- Tomppa

Foundry Table Link
I can guide on character building with Foundry when needed
RPG Chronicle Link
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Re: [Foundry] Flames of Rebellion. Friday 12.8 17:00 (Proposed Day)

Viesti Kirjoittaja TuplaV »

Just leaving a formal sign-up.
As said my characters are currently in 1-2 tier but this also means I can bring anything from a frontliner to a backline support.
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Re: [Foundry] Flames of Rebellion. Friday 12.8 17:00 (Proposed Day)

Viesti Kirjoittaja Tomppak88 »

Interested! 12.8. should be perfect, but I may need to stay a bit late in work to finish all the things before my vacation, so I can't quite promise 17.00

Probably a level 3 thaumaturge!
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