October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

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October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

Viesti Kirjoittaja CrimsonClaw »

Jälleen on saapunut kausista kamalin, ja sitä voisi juhlistaa selkäpiitä karmivalla seikkailulla!
Tahtoisin vetää seuraavaksi toisen kahdesta erisävyisestä kauhu- tai jännitysmoduulista.
Tarjolla siis olisi "Night of the Gray Death" tai "Shadows at Sundown" (esittelyt englanniksi englannin kielisen mainoksen alla).
Kaksi eri Goottilaisen kauhun makua, toinen enemmän "Edgar Allan Poe" sävyistä ranskalaisen Terrorin Valtakauden linssillä, toinen klassisempaa mielleyhtymää Goottilaiseen kauhuun. :D

Suunnitelmissa on ottaa 4 pelaajaa mukaan matkalle, ja preferenssin seikkailusta suo kertoa kommenteissa. Aloitus olisi lokakuun viimeisellä/marraskuun ensimmäisellä viikolla, antaen pelaajille aikaa suunnitella hahmoja ja kysellä kysymyksiä. Pelien aikataulut sovitaan sessioiden mukaan milloin ryhmälle sopii, eli ei tarvitse raudanlujasti luvata tiettyä päivää ja tiettyä aikaa seikkailun ajaksi. Peli pelataan Foundryssa ja hostaan Forgen kautta. Pelaajat tarvitsevat vain Forge tunnuksen pelatakseen.

Kuka tahtoo liittyä kamalan pimeän ajan seikkailuun? :twisted:

T´is again the most dreadful season of all, and would there be a better way to celebrate it with, than a dreadful adventure!
I'd like to run one of two different flavoured horror or thriller modules.
Offering either "Night of the Gray Death" or "Shadows at Sundown". Two different Gothic horror flavours, one on the side of Edgar Allan Poe with a dash of Reign of Terror mixed in, while the other represents more classical associations with Gothic Horror. :D

I plan to take aboard 4 players, and interested parties may voice their preferences on adventure in comments. Start would be either last week of October or first week of November, giving players then time to plan characters and inquire what they may need. Schedule is agreed after each session by what works for the group, so one does not need to commit iron tightly certain day and certain time for duration of the adventure. Platform I'll use is Foundry VTT, hosted through The Forge. Players only need to register for Forge to play.
Night of the Gray Death
Galt has suffered under revolving door of anarchistic revolutionary governments for decades, with only constant of stability being the shadow of anonymous Gray Gardeners, secret police and anonymous judge, jury and executioners of their deplorable justice. Now rumor mills are roiling, as word has it that Gray Garderers are planning to do something unheard of, and announcing it in a masquerade for the cream of the elite, taking place in their headquarters in Litran. Head of Galt's Revolutionary Council, Camilia Drannoch, has suspiciously fallen ill before this momentous event, and sends for aid to the most renown adventurers. Including you.
Night of the Gray Death is adventure spanning levels 16-18.
Shadows at Sundown
City state of Korvosa is in uproar with tide of nightmarish events. Not only has High Priestess of Pharasma, bishop Keppira d'Bear, died suddenly, a specter of decade since expired Queen Ileosa has started manifesting numerous times, and people have started disappearing from the streets. One event is happenstance, two is coincidence, but does three make conspiracy? A cruel joke? Or dread omen? For this, Queen Cressida has summoned adventurers of fame connected to Korvosa, and is willing to open royal coffers for someone competent to get to the bottom of this madness. Will you answer?
Shadows at Sundown is an adventure spanning levels 11-13
Whom is willing to take part on an adventure during this dreadful, dark season? :twisted:

- Sang
- Propagandalf
- Dragon2796
- TuplaV
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Re: October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

Viesti Kirjoittaja Sang »

I'm interested in both adventures.
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Re: October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

Viesti Kirjoittaja Propagandalf »

I'd also be interested in both adventures ^^

If Shadows at Sundown (Level 11-13)
I'm thinking of making a ( gasp! ) Human Fighter (with some Acrobat Dedication )

Viollca, Blade of Korvosa (Fighter 11)
[+] Viollca, Blade of Korvosa
[+] Build maybe
Human Ancestry Feats:
1-Unconventional Weaponry (Gnome Flickmace)
5-Clever Improviser
9-Cooperative Nature

Fighter Feats
1-Combat Assessment
4-Acrobat Dedication
6-Dodge Away

8-Felling Strike
Extra Fighter 8-Blind Fight
10-Sudden Leap

Skill Feats
Background-Cat Fall
2-Quick Jump
4-Quiet Allies
6-Battle Medicine
8-Graceful Leaper
10-Kip Up

General Feats
3- Fleet
7-Incredible Initiative

Of the Night of the Gray Death (16-18) PC I'm not entirely sure. A Leshy Fighter with Druid Dedication might be a possible thing (if I can make it fit the adventure thematically)
[+] Karjuva Maa
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Re: October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

Viesti Kirjoittaja Dragon2796 »

I'm interested in both, but haven't played highlevel 2e games yet
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Re: October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

Viesti Kirjoittaja TuplaV »

I am also interested to join in for one or both games. I am new to high level 2e as well but at least there is a lot to learn.
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Re: October Spooky Adventure! [Foundry]

Viesti Kirjoittaja CrimsonClaw »

With that, roster is full. I'll start inviting people to discord server tomorrow, or weekend at latest. :D
Haven't opened room for us yet, but that too will follow shortly.
Crim on helpompi sanoa.
Pardon my indecisiveness.
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