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Operative 1

ACE (short for Averaka Colonial Explorer 702) is a steelskin to the fullest, Half-orc in looks with skin and tusk made of metal. Coming from a background of colonial work, he found new employment and chance for fame with the wayfinders of Absalom. Hearing stories of new hostile worlds and alien civilizations unlike others made him intriqued, and his background a perfect fit for the job, not to mention his skills behind the wheel. A steady pay and upkeep are a plus too, of course.

This gruff steelskin embodies the gunslinger of pre-gap Golarion, wearing a stetson and a cloak over his light armor. Equipped for survival and hunting, ACE confidently takes on any challenge the Starfinder Society thrusts him into.
Aloitteleva GM, olkaa helliä.
-PFS Characters @ level 7/7/5/3/3/2/2/1
-SFS Characters @ level 2/1

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